<<--  Three sheets of 23/32" cabinet grade plywood, spliced together to form the walls.

<<--  I had to stand this up to get a photo of the profile! 
Trim as much away for weight savings.  Cookie cutter walls!  -->>
Skinning the inside of the walls.  Birch paneling.  -->>
The lower parts will be covered by cabinets, seating, bed, etc.
<<--  The walls go up.  Put in the braces to hold them square until some of the interior cabinetry can hold them in place.
Platform for the bed is in.  The kitchen will store under the bed  -->>
and slide out the side of the trailer.
<<--  The back wall is in and the roof spars are started.
About 2/3 of the roof spars are done.  Note the hole for the vent fan.  -->>
<<--  A random shot of the furnace.  Unfortunately I can't disassemble the unit, so I have to build the cabinet around the furnace.