<<-- Cut the door opening.  22 inches wide seems to be fine.
Roof spars are just about all done.  Four more to go.  -->>
<<--  You can't see in the picture, but I also finished the supports in the bed platform, and finished isolating the chamber for the pull out kitchen.  There will be a storage area under the bed also.
I used white masking paper to make template for cutting the foam insulation.  -- >>
If you look closely you will see that I ran my finger along the profile.
<<-- I was then able to mark the insulation following the mark on the paper with my fingernail.
Here's the right side of the trailer all insulated.  -->>
<<-- Right wall skinned.
Left wall skinned.  Notice the exhaust vent protruding from the wall. -->>
Once the wall is sealed with polyester resin for waterproofing, this will be retracted
into the trailer.  The standoff plate will be caulked, and the cabinet inside the
trailer that houses the furnace will be completed.
<<-- This is the clean up pile from this weekends work.  Will have plenty of firewood this year for the outdoor fire pit.