June 3-6, 2010

This trip was a little further than my previous two.  The drive was close to five hours and about 240 miles.  The campground I wanted to stay at was all booked up, so my second choice was Delaware Seashore State Park.  As you can see from the pictures, it is primarily an RV camp.  There were some tenting sites along the perimeter where there was some grass, but most of the campground was just sand and pavement.

I had numerous visitors during my stay, all curious to see the little camper that I was in.  Most were impressed, and lots of them said it would be perfect for them.  In the meantime, they wandered back to their 40 foot air conditioned home away from home.

The weather was in the nineties every day, with thunderstorms the first night accompanied by high winds.  I took down my canopy the first night since the wind warnings were for severe winds.  Day two I put my canopy back up, went to K-Mart and purchased some additional rope, and anchored two corners to the picnic table, and the other two corners to the trailer.  I was also blessed with a parking ticket on day two in Bethany Beach.  Wonderful!

I got a good sunburn on day one, no sunblock in my provisions, so I also bought some of that at K-Mart along with a better antenna for my TV.  Yes that's right, I had a TV.  I spent most of my days either relaxing by the campground or driving around seeing the sights.  The evenings cooled down to about 70, and except for the last night, the breeze coming in the window, combined with the fan in the roof vent made sleeping comfortable.  The last night, a big RV came in and was right next to me and blocked most of the breeze.  Being hot, and itchy from sunburn made for difficult sleeping.  Just as I was dozing off, the winds started kicking up, and the canopy, which was now anchored to the trailer was just enough to wake me as the trailer shook.

After dinner on day three, I finally carried my metal detector to the beach, which was in walking distance.  After about an hour of "hunting" I found one bobby pin, and one twisty tie, like is used to hold a loaf of bread closed.  On my walk back to the campground, a fisherman told me that the beach on the other side of the river from where I was would be a better place to hunt.  He told me it's called "coin beach" becuase coins sometimes wash up on shore from all the shipwrecks in the past.  Of course I was leaving the next day, and the sun was setting, lol.

The trailer towed beautifully, but my mileage went from 30 mpg to 25 mpg between towing and having the air conditioning on all the  time.  All in all it was a very good trip, but it had me thinking about how to put air conditioning in the trailer.