<<< 1  I started out with a Harbor Freight 1700 lb trailer frame.

The floor is made from 1/2" plywood, and 2x3's. 2 >>>
<<< 3 The whole underside of the floor needed to be undercoated to seal out water.

Then I cut out the two profiles for the walls.  4 >>>
<<< 5 I ripped the spars from 2x4's as the 2x2's at Home Depot were total garbage.  I pre-cut all the 2x4's to the correct length prior to rippin them.

The inside galley wall was made from a peice  6  >>>
of scrap plywood that I had laying around.  As it was, I had to cover both sides in luan to get a good enough quality wood to 
varnish.  It would have been cheaper to buy a good piece of plywood in the first place.. not to mention it would have been lighter. 
<<< 7 The framing is done for the rear hatch.

The framing is done for the roof vent.  8 >>>
<<< 9 I got the shelf for the galley down, as well as finished up the wiring.  The black thing is a tester to show that the wires all went to the right place.

As I bent the luan for the outer skin, I had to use 10 >>>
straps to hold it in place.  I was fortunate to have some help that day. 
<<< 11 The entire outside of the trailer was coated with four coats of polyester resin, sanded between each coat.  Each coat took a day, due to the dry time and sanding.

The interior was coated in Helmsman Spar Urethane. 12 >>>
Two coats with a brush, sanded between, and the last coat was sprayed on.
<<< 13 After a final heavy sanding, and some glazing putty work, I was ready for paint.

Here she is all silvery and pretty.  14 >>>
<<< 15 Fenders mounted, and starting to mount the hatch.

Here she is after her first drive.  16 >>>
<<< 17 The galley area has been finished off with better quality wood, and three coats of Spar Urethane.

I have a little unfinished (for now)  18 >>>
table that hangs off the back.
<<< 19 I put a stainless steel door pull over the ugly little license plate light I had.
I bought this 1967 Coleman Picnic Stove off  20 >>>
ebay, and after extensive modifications, I got it to run off a standard 1lb propane cylinder.  It's a Coleman Model #5409.  I built the oak cabinet for it to sit in, the sides and back are open on it.