It was 1959, and I was in diapers. 

Without thought for the well being of their barely over one year old infant, my parents took me on my first camping trip in North Truro, Massachusetts.  We stayed at Horton's Park, a family run campground not too far from Provincetown, on Cape Cod.  The only thing I remember of the trip, is smelly diapers, and mosquitos!

Every year of my life until I was 18, I went camping with my family.  While Cape Cod was our favorite place, we managed to hit over 40 of the continental states, probably more like 45.

We hit places like Boonesboro, the Great Smokey Mountains, Cadilac Mountain, Grand Canyon, the Badlands, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Petrified Forest, Mount Rushmore, Death Valley, Yellowstone, Redwood Forest, Monument Valley, Sedona, the Grand Tetons, and the list goes on.

In the early years, we had a tent, then a camper, with a fold down tent, then a popup.

We stayed primarily in National Parks, (I won't speculate that the real reason was because they were so cheap).  We often went to the nature talks, and nature walks, and took in as much as possible.

I can't explain what these years of camping have done to me.  The closeness of family, the appreciation of nature, the memories of all the fantastic and beautiful places I've seen.  I have tried to instill those same joys in my own sons, although we've never had quite the same calibur of trips, we have had several memorable trips together.

Now that my children all basically all grown up, and don't have the time, or desire to go camping with me, I've decided to build a trailer that I can use by myself, and tow with my meager little Hyundai.

The perfect answer was the teardrop trailer.

Now for the plug...  none of the build would have been possible if it wasn't for .  In the forums there you will find numerous detailed builds, plans, and about a million different ideas and tips.